Case Study

My employment success since graduating from Trinity College

By Tomás Murphy | June 18, 2019

After Graduation in November 2011, I became a volunteer in my local Parish and Community and continue to volunteer to this day. During this time I sent out several C.V’s to various places seeking employment, unfortunately got no replies.

Then one day I sent an e-mail to Dawn Leane at Chartered Accountants Ireland whom I met during my time at Trinity (TCPID). Almost immediately a reply came with a time and date for an interview, which went very well and I was offered a position of a general Operative on the Conferencing and Facilities Team.

I was happily working there for eight (8) months where I gained valuable experience, but due to the downturn in the economy was let go along with other staff members. Chartered Accountants gave me a wonderful reference and armed with that I started to send out my CV again!

During my time in Trinity, I had the great pleasure of meeting Mr. Hugo Mc Neill, as I was the course ambassador at the time. He became a good friend and mentor to me. We always kept in touch, and on one of our meetings I gave him my CV and reference. He said he would see what he could do and hand it on!

Shortly an e-mail came from Mr. David Baxter of A&L Goodbody asking me to meet him for breakfast in order to get to know me. This also went well and not long after received another e-mail from the H.R. Dept of A& L Goodbody for a job interview. I was a little anxious and nervous, but I did a good interview and they offered me a job in the General Services Dept, with a three month rolling contract.

After almost a year in the job, my contract was nearly up. I asked my head of department, Pat if there was a possibility of any further contracts to let me know.

Well a couple of weeks later Pat called me in to his office to tell me that I was being “Kept On” and made permanent.

I could not believe this great news. I was overjoyed along with my parents and family. We celebrated for weeks after getting such news.

I am very proud to be working for A&L Goodbody, doing two days a week in the Stationary and Post Room.

They are a great Company to work for!

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