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Case Study

Showing How Volunteer Leadership Increases Impact


Accenture started supporting our EPIC programme in 2014 and it is a great partnership with very positive impacts on both sides. In Accenture the work is led by the dynamic quartet of Patrizia Uccheddu, Laura Lopez, Ana Arnes and Francesca Laterza who do a fantastic job organising and encouraging volunteers. Their leadership has made this partnership very successful, and shows the importance of volunteer co-ordinators in companies. Over the three years working with EPIC, Laura, Patrizia, Francesca and Ana have inspired many of their colleagues to volunteer their time and skills to support unemployed migrants and people facing other challenges.

In 2016 Accenture provided four key supports – skills workshops and mock interviews hosted at Accenture and motivational peer talks and CV clinics provided at BITCI. All of these get very positive feedback from our clients.  In particular, the stories of how other people have overcome challenges and found employment in Accenture are inspirational. Over and over again EPIC participants put emphasis on these “Hearing about their experiences was very inspirational, making me feel more confident for finding  jobs”.

Many Accenture volunteers are particularly generous and supportive, for example Alberto Duarte was involved in a number of peer talks, all the CV clinics and presented the last workshop (he is a star!)  We’d like to thank all the volunteers for their excellent support during the year – we hope you have enjoyed working with us!  Nico Qamarace, Aline Virginie Menjadeu,  Pedro Martínez Plana, Mihal Jurzysta, Olesya Chuvahova, Olga Merkuryeva, Noelia Gómez Ruiz, Emilien Le Corre, Krisztina Saramo,Abel Valencia Soler, Maria Zabaliaurequi, Krisztina Saramo, Vitalii Viluch, Mike Markoglou, Quele Duarte, Maria Bobak, Hasnain Nizamani, Viviana Escutia, Jana Horecka, Azlian B. Ismail, Paul Grehan. Lists can always be challenging so apologies if we are missing anyone.

The icing on the cake is that six of our clients got jobs with Accenture in 2016.

We’re looking forward to our continued partnership with Accenture in 2017, and expanding to use their online Skills to Succeed Academy materials.

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