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The Open Doors Initiative Annual Report 2020

This is our first Annual Report since The Open Doors Initiative went stand alone in March 2020. It is a record of all the activities that have taken place and the results of these.

We are delighted to record an over 600% growth in the participants our companies have helped, alongside Open Doors, from the year before when we first started out.

The need to create pathways to employment and education has grown exponentially with Covid, and the large drop in people working.

We are so proud to show that our companies and supporting partners have risen to this challenge with many projects, training and other activities which have generated significant supports for marginalised people, especially during this time of national crisis.  It shows that they are truly inclusive and stand by their commitments, regardless of changes that occurred and barriers that presented.

We are immensely proud of the work that has taken place and look forward to greater achievements in the next year and coming years.

Download The Open Doors Initiative Annual Report 2020 here.

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