Accenture Digital Skills platform now available through Open Doors

The free online courses will upskill people at all levels in eight key digital areas.

Open Doors Initiative and Accenture CoursesAccenture Digital Skills free online courses now available through Open Doors

The Accenture Digital Skills platform, is now available on Open Doors website as part of the new partnership with the Open Doors Initiative.

The platform contains an easy to use package of information and skills in the digital area, which we encourage you to share within your workplace, with participants and with those who are interested in the area or who want to upskill.

Thanks to Accenture for making this platform available to our users/members. The platform is a valuable resource and will be of benefit for people looking to enter the workplace and at all stages of their career.

If you have any feedback on these free online courses, please let us know and we can use it to shape future learning and upskilling offerings.

If any other organisations have suitable e-learning courses or would like to give training online, please contact us and we will be delighted to organise it email:

Artificial Intelligence

Digital Marketing

Digital Skills for Work and Life

Embracing Digital Technology



Social Media

User Experience

Web Analytics

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